Launched in 2023 by the Fierce editorial team, the Fierce 50 is a groundbreaking project that shines a spotlight on the true powerhouses driving advancements in medicine, fostering innovation and shaping the future of biopharma and healthcare. 

F50 About Intro

Fierce 50: Honoring healthcare and biopharma champions fighting for patient care 

The project consists of a comprehensive report and an Awards Gala Dinner in December.

The Fierce 50 is a constellation of the most brilliant visionaries and trailblazers, handpicked by the discerning editors of Fierce Life Sciences and Healthcare. These are the movers and shakers who are pushing boundaries, defying limitations and igniting change in healthcare delivery, drug development, research and beyond.   

But what sets the Fierce 50 apart from other reports? It’s simple. The Fierce 50  goes beyond surface-level accolades and charts a course toward something far greater: a celebration of the monumental impact these 50 exceptional individuals and companies have on the lives of patients.  

A Closer Look into Fierce 50

How can I get involved with the Fierce 50 Reports and Fierce 50 Awards Gala?

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Meet the Category Chairs

Ayla Ellison

Fierce Life Sciences and Healthcare

Ayla Ellson oversees editorial direction of Fierce Biotech, Pharma, Healthcare and Medtech. Prior to joining Questex in October 2022, Ayla was vice president and editor-in-chief of Becker’s Healthcare, a media company based in Chicago. Ayla received her JD from Southern Illinois University School of Law.    

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Innovation Category

Heather Landi
Senior Editor of Fierce Healthcare

With eight years of experience reporting on healthcare technology, Heather is at the forefront of the team’s coverage of digital health and health IT news and trends across the nation. From in-depth examinations of the telehealth boom to comprehensive analyses of the increasing impact of artificial intelligence on healthcare, Heather brings extensive expertise to covering the industry’s most pressing issues.  

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Social Impact Category

Andrea Park
Deputy Editor of Fierce Life Sciences

Andrea specializes in the medtech industry and has a wealth of experience reporting on hospital innovation and IT. She brings her keen insights into these areas, driving our mission to highlight those in healthcare and biopharma that have made a transformative impact on society.

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Breakthroughs Category

Eric Sagonowsky
Senior Editor of Fierce Pharma

Eric and his team provide comprehensive coverage of pharmaceutical drug-related news, analysis and data. From regulatory approvals and manufacturing to patent battles and mergers and acquisitions, Eric is dedicated to following drug development through its entire life cycle. 

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Health Equity Category

Anastassia Gliadkovskaya
Staff Writer at Fierce Healthcare

Anastassia's primary focus lies in illuminating health equity challenges and addressing structural failures within healthcare delivery systems. Her dedication to covering these important issues drives the category’s purpose of shining a spotlight on those who are fostering equitable healthcare for all.  

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Patient Advocacy Category

Paige Minemyer
Senior Editor of Fierce Health Payer

Paige oversees the team's coverage of payer news and trends, ensuring that the patient perspective is included in the complex arena of health insurance issues. Her commitment to amplifying these voices drives our mission to highlight the people and companies advocating for the rights and well-being of patients.

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